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Your 2019 Skyway Board of Directors...  




 President Steve Burkhardt [email protected]
Incoming President 01/01/2020 Adam Vance [email protected]
 VP of Baseball Steve Sukel [email protected]

 Incoming Vice President

VP of Softball Vacant
Director of  Baseball Development Jose Ortega

Secretary Adam Vance
Treasurer Frank Rutig [email protected]
Safety Officer Lisa Relin [email protected]
Equipment Manager Julio Primera
Dir. of Fundraising & Sponsorship  Vacant  

Player Agent Shetland Baseball
Player Agent Pinto Baseball
Player Agent Mustang Baseball
Player Agent Bronco
Player Agent Pony
Player Agent Colt
Player Agent Softball



Board Calendar
(updated 6/9/2017) 

Skyway Park Board of Directors Job Duties

Participation on the Skyway Board is not a responsibility that should be taken lightly. Each and every member can directly influence the outcome of a child's experience in baseball and softball. We all must work together to make sure this experience is a positive one.

a. Attend and create the agenda for Board meetings each month.
b. Attend monthly presidents meeting for District.
c. Conduct the affairs of the Local League and execute the policies established by the Board of Directors.
d. Present a report of the condition of the Local League at the Annual Meeting
e. Communicate to the Board of directors such matters as deemed appropriate and make such suggestions as may tend to promote the welfare of the Local League.
f. Be responsible for the conduct of the Local League in strict conformity to the policies, principles, Rules and Regulations of PONY Baseball, Incorporated, as agreed to under the conditions of the charter issued to the Local League by that organization.
g. Designate in writing other officers, if necessary, to have power to make and execute for/and in the name of the Local League such contracts and leases they may receive and which have had prior approval from the Board.
h. Investigate complaints, irregularities and conditions detrimental to the Local League and report thereon to the Board or Executive Committee as circumstances warrant
i. Prepare and submit an annual budget to the Board of Directors and be Responsible for the proper execution thereof.
j. With the assistance of the Player Agent, examine the application and support proof-of-age documents of every player candidate and certify to residence and age eligibility before the player may be accepted for tryouts and selection.
k. Respond to player-related complaints, disputes, and concerns.
l. Liaison with county and field agreementsm. Contact person for community service assistance from Salvation Army
n. Cannot be a Manager for any division.

Vice President:
a. Attend Board meetings each month and covers board duty time.
b. Perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President, provided he or she is authorized by the President or the Board to do so.
c. Perform such duties as from time to time may be assigned by the Board of Directors or by the President
d. Assist in creating the Opening/Closing Day schedule. Coordinate and oversee Opening/Closing Day activities.
e. With the assistance of the Player Agent, examine the applications and support proof-of-age documents of every player.
f. Oversees Player Agent in preparing season game schedules and round robin schedules
g. Assist Player Agents with Draft and in-house tournaments
h. Be responsible for the coordinating of all sponsorship activities including but not limited to: in-season team uniforms, concession stand signs, restroom signs, post-season teams, and post-season tournaments.
i. Coordinate with the Treasurer to make sure that all sponsorships are paid.
j. Coordinate with Secretary to verify correct team sponsorship logos are used.
k. Coordinate to make sure correct sponsorship signs are placed on buildings, scoreboards, etc. in the park.
l. Cannot be a Manger of a team.

a. Attend Board meetings each month and covers board duty time.
b. Be responsible for recording the activities of the Local League and maintain appropriate files, mailing lists and necessary records.
c. Give notice of all regular Board meetings to the Board of Directors and the Local league. Reserve and coordinate the monthly meeting location.
d. Keep the minutes of the meetings of the Members, Board of Directors, and Executive Committee
e. Notify Members, Directors, Officers and committee members of their election or appointment
f. Be responsible for ordering and distributing all uniforms for all players, managers and coaches
g. Ensure that PONY rosters are submitted to the PONY data center.

a. Attend Board meetings each month and cover board duty time.
b. Receive all monies and securities and deposit in a depository approved by the Board of Directors. Pays bills and balances bank statements.
c. Keeps records for the receipt and disbursement of all monies and securities of the Local League. Approve all payments from allotted funds and draw checks thereof in agreement with policies established by the Board of Directors
d. Prepare and submit an annual budget, under the direction of the President, to the Board of Directors and be responsible for the proper execution thereof.
e. Prepare an annual financial report, under the direction of the President, for submission to the membership and Board of Directors at the annual meeting and to PONY Headquarters.
f. Present to the Board annual registration fee proposal
g. Oversee and manage annual tax filing.
h. Coordinate methodology to effectively collect monies from fundraisers.
i. Responsible for vendor relationship for Uniforms and Lawn Maintenance

Umpire in Chief
a. Attend Board meetings each month and cover board duty time.
b. Recruit, interview and recommend to the President for appointment a staff of umpires. When appointed, the staff of umpires shall be under the personal direction of the Local league president, assisted by the Umpire in Chief, who shall train, observe and schedule the staff.
c. Work with Coaching Coordinator to set up Fall Training Program to develop umpires.
d. Responsible for administering the umpire organization including youth umpires and the direction of junior coordinators. Oversees all Umpire related content for the League website Umpire section to be sure information is accurate and useful
e. Be responsible for ascertaining and assuring that all playing operations are conducted in accordance with rules and regulations of the Local League and PONY Baseball, Inc.
f. Represent the Local League at all District Umpire meetings and report back to the board.
g. Communicating new rulings to the umpires, managers and coaches.
h. Coordinate with Equipment Manager to insure that the proper uniform in code and safety is provided to all umpires
i. Coordinate schedule of hired umpires

Equipment Manager
a. Attend Board meetings each month and cover board duty time.
b. Be responsible for the purchase, distribution, maintenance and return of all equipment, including all players, umpires and scorekeepers.
a. Balls
b. Bases
c. Chalk/field paint
d. Lights for Scoreboards
e. Scorebooks
f. Catchers equipment
g. Gas for Sand-pro
h. Rakes/Shovels/Wheel barrels
i. Drag mats
j. Clay
k. Be responsible to maintain a proper inventory of safe equipment as required replacing unsafe or defective equipment throughout the season
l. Be responsible for recommending and setting equipment safety standards with the Safety Officer.

Safety Coordinator
a. Attend Board meetings each month and cover board duty time.
b. Update, submit for approval, and coordinate ASAP program.
c. Coordinate CPR training.
d. Coordinate all safety activities.
e. Ensures safety in player training.
f. Ensures safe playing conditions.
g. Coordinates reporting and prevention of injuries.
h. Solicits suggestions for making conditions safer and submits suggestions to PONY International through league President.
i. Be responsible for processing all claims against the Local League, which are protected by insurance.
j. Establish and coordinate, with Equipment Manager, before the season and periodic spot checks throughout the season of equipment, specifically batting helmets.
k. Coordinate with President to be responsible for volunteer background checks to assure all volunteers adhere to Megan’s Law as outlined by PONY Headquarters.

Information Officer/Webmaster
a. Attend Board meetings each month and cover board duty.
b. Coordinate with Board members to obtain pertinent information to be posted on the League website.
c. Coordinate with VP to recognize sponsors on the League website.
d. Coordinate with Coaching Coordinator to produce a monthly newsletter.
e. Coordinate with Players Agent the produce schedules on the website.

Player Agent (Baseball, Softball and Challenger Program)
a. Attend Board meetings each month and cover board duty.
b. Receive and review applications for player candidates and assist the President in checking residence and age eligibility.
c.Provide Player Lists for try-out preparation.
d. Record all player transactions and maintain an accurate and up-to-date record thereof.
e. Prepare all Draft lists
f. Prepare for the President, signature and submission to PONY Headquarters team rosters, including player' claimed, and tournament team eligibility affidavit.
g.Update system with subsequent player replacements or trades.
h. Coordinate with Disciplinary Committee in responding to player-related complaints, disputes and concerns, except for the division in which the player agents' child participates.
i.Conduct with the President All-Star/Tournament team selection meetings.
j. Prepare schedules for each division
k. Prepare for the President's signature All-Star/Tournament Team eligibility affidavit.
l. Prepare game schedule for division. 


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